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Squiddly is a digital agency website selling affordable websites for small businesses. The clients were looking for a creative out of the box design, so we came up with an underwater theme based on their logo, where the water was actually squid ink spilling from an ink bottle onto the website page and creating this cool world of hand drawn water, fish and other sea creatures. The whole design was conceived as a journey starting at the top with the ship in the background, then the dotted line shows the ship's course towards the bottom of the page where the marked target is a treasure chest introducing the page's main call to action and then the footer represented as the bottom of the ocean.

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Rob Hole
Co-Founder & Director of Business, Squiddly and Octopus Creative

"Mirona is an insanely talented web, graphic and brand designer. Her skills have brought our agency up to the next level and our clients love the quality of work produced.

Honest, hard-working, and always on time or even ahead of schedule. One of the things we love the most about working with Mirona is that she doesn't just design but also is great at giving suggestions around UI/UX or missing content pieces that we may have missed during the content/planning stages of our builds, which is really the value add. She doesn't just design whatever you ask, she interprets it and makes it the best it can be. I highly recommend Mirona to any agency looking for a designer or design help."