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SPEED UP your project delivery  |  REDUCE revision requests by 90%

Are Your Design Projects Bullying You Around?

Are Your Design Projects
Bullying You Around?

  • Are design projects slowing down your business?
  • Getting endless revision requests from your clients?
  • Problems retaining clients after a failed design project?
  • How much time do you personally spend on design projects?

We Can Help

SPEED UP  Project Delivery

Having a team who can deliver on time is a rare thing nowadays. We can wrap up a pixel perfect responsive website design project in 2 weeks. How many of your past service providers can say that?

photo of Stephanie Gordon

“Mirona is the fastest designer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. If you're a good, responsive client, your project can move along quickly and efficiently ..." [read more]

STEPHANIE GORDON, Cofounder & CEO - Psych'd Marketing

CUT DOWN  Revisions by 90%

We interpret your design briefs with razor-sharp accuracy and our designs are spot on every single time.

photo of Rob Hole

"Mirona doesn't just design but also is great at giving suggestions around UI/UX or missing content pieces that we may have missed during the content/planning stages of our builds, which is really the value add. She doesn't just design whatever you ask, she interprets it and makes it the best it can be ..." [read more]

ROB HOLE, Co-Founder & Director of Business - Octopus Creative & Squiddly

STOP  Being Stressed by Your Design Projects

Knowing that you’ll be presenting top quality design work to your clients will not only alleviate any stress in your relationship with them, but will also turn design into your superpower, giving your clients confidence in the professionalism and quality of your services.


“Anytime we work with Mirona on a project, it seems to lift a huge weight off of our shoulders. I don't worry about what kind of work I'm going to get back, if it will be on point or completely miss the mark, etc. I have the utmost confidence in her workflow and designs and she never fails to deliver outstanding work quickly and efficiently without compromising quality …” [read more]

ASHLEIGH HOLE, Co-Owner & Creative Director - Octopus Creative & Squiddly

INCREASE  Your Revenue

Our top quality designs will give you confidence in the design process, which will enable you to build a strong portfolio and increase your revenue by attracting high value leads.


“.... when we first started working with Mirona, the most we had ever charged for a website was $800. By the time we finished working with her, we had built our first $30,000 website and I would say, no doubt about it, having confidence in the design process was the biggest key to allowing us to grow that exponentially …” [read more]

NATE FREEDMAN, CEO - Tech Pro Marketing

Published Author (Channel Executive Magazine, The Tech Tribe, Smarter MSP, Channel Futures, MSP Blog Continuum and IT Rockstars)

Turn Your Weakness into Your Superpower!

Don’t let design projects ruin your relationship with your clients. Let us take this weight off your shoulders so you can concentrate on what you do best.
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