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Octopus Creative

We’ve been working with Octopus Creative for many years, providing white label design services for their clients. Some of our best work was done for them, including their agency website, which we are especially proud of and which has brought them a great deal of clients due to the creative and unique design that helped boost their marketing efforts.

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photo of Ashleigh Hole
Co-Owner & Creative Director, Octopus Creative Inc.

"Anytime we work with Mirona on a project, it seems to lift a huge weight off of our shoulders. I don't worry about what kind of work I'm going to get back, if it will be on point or completely miss the mark, etc. I have the utmost confidence in her workflow and designs and she never fails to deliver outstanding work quickly and efficiently without compromising quality.

Our agency is well-known for our designs and Mirona contributed largely to that. Her clean, modern approach with large flares of creativity makes for a refreshing final product every time. She is an extremely talented and knowledgable designer who voices her ideas and concerns, which in-turn really makes the collaboration aspect of a project extremely valuable. Mirona re-designed our agency's website and since it's launch we have had numerous high-value leads come in because of our creativity.
If you want to take your agency to the next level, really stand out from the crowd and satisfy your clients every time, Mirona is definitely your girl."