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This was a challenging but fun and creative project. Our clients are Salesforce migration specialists. The competition in their field is fierce, so they really needed a design that would set them apart from their competitors. We achieved this through visual storytelling: inspired by the company name, we came up with the idea of a skydiving businessman who goes up and beyond to satisfy his clients. The journey starts at the top of the page, where we see the businessman launching in the air. As he goes down, we continued the theme by adding Cloud 113 air balloons, an airplane that connects the 3 service boxes and by showing the same businessman, as his descent continues towards the bottom of the page, where he opens his parachute and lands on the grass.

The website was so successful, that the clients decided to extend what initially was a landing page to a full blown website, accompanied by a matching Power Point presentation, and are still working with us on many other design projects.
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photo of Ryan Golembiewski
Ryan Golembiewski
President, Cloud 113

"Graphic Waves helped us stand out from the competition with refreshing, out of the box designs."

"Since we started to work with them, they take care of all our design needs from print to website design and development. We never have to worry about spending hours putting together complex briefs or testing the work ourselves; everything goes smoothly from start to finish, allowing us to concentrate on our business while having outstanding professional marketing materials at hand whenever we need them.
If you're looking for a reliable, hands-off designer who can interpret your thoughts and ideas and bring them to life in unexpected innovative ways, I highly recommend giving Tomi and Mirona a try."